"Kunst ist das Bemühen, neben der wirklichen Welt eine menschlichere Welt zu schaffen"
"Art is the effort to create, alongside the real world, a more humane world"
"L'art est un effort pour créer, à coté du monde réel, un monde plus humain"
André Maurois



Carte Blanche

in Arbeit

Arte Trio

123 Soleil

123 Soleil is the name of a well known children's song in France. It's all about progress and overcoming borders and distances. In Vienna, or Vienne, if you like, there is a formation with the same name, whose members overcome musical genre boundaries with verve and playful ease . 1 2 3, which stands for the wonderfully sensitive singer Caroline Auque (FR / A), the virtuoso guitarist Lionel Bozek (FR / P) and Gerhard Graml (A) stylistically accompanying on the double bass. And Soleil, i.e. the Sun, without which nothing happens. Caroline "shines" as the trio goes down this musical path. When it comes to life as god and goddess in France, it requires the corresponding sounds in addition to the cuisine. And that's what the trio 123 Soleil brings with them - classic and modern chansons, refined with flamenco and swing. Songs that reflect what the three musicians themselves appreciate: all that is French and Brazilian, but also modern songs and sounds, with a subtle touch of retro.

Caroline Auque Quartett

Caroline and the young jazz pianist Jörg Leichtfried understood each other right away on a musical level. Initially formed as a trio out of a jam session with their common, long-time friend and colleague George SMELTER-Ziringer on bass, a quartet quickly formed, alternating between Andrej Prozorov and Franz Oberthaler who enrich this jazz and chanson program with their wonderful solo melodies. Caroline sings her multilingual repertoire, the songs she feels are especially suited for the piano. A band that performs concerts under the name of "Caroline AUQUE Quartet" and is often hired for weddings and corporate parties under the name of "flair".

Café Bluesette

Everyone knows, music has no limits. This is reflected once again, wonderfully and clearly in 'Café Bluesette': a Franco-Austrian singer, a French-Canadian guitarist plus two other extraordinary musicians - bassist, Jovan Torbica and accordionist Milos Todorovski - from the Balkans. The whole wonderful world is presented in their unique interpretations of jazz standards, French chansons, songs from Vienna and the world. It is as if the geographical size of a kingdom in which the sun never sets is brought back to life. Under the influence of her adopted country, Vienna, capital of the crossroads of Europe between East and West, "Café Bluesette" unites all these stimuli and so reveals their unique musical personalities.